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AMC (UK) Limited

Welcome to AMC (UK) Limited.  We provide of speciality absorbants bleaching earth (Fullers earth / Bentonite) to the edible oil refining and petrochemical industries. The product range is utilised in the edible oil refining industry on the major oils and fats such as Palm,Soya,Rape etc. In addition grades are supplied for bleaching technical  products such as lanolin, waxes and lecithin. Various petrochemical fractions are treated e.g BTX processes and jet fuel downstream processing.

 We aim to work in close partnership with both our suppliers and customers seeking to provide solutions to the needs of an ever changing marketplace.  We operate within an international market with our products catering for home and overseas markets. Our logistics include shipping agents with a long history of global buisness. AMC (UK) Ltd is your route to exceptional service, quality products and technical excellence.

In addition our business supplies high quality water soluble plastic film PVOH for packaging purposes in the domestic laundry and industrial sectors with water soluble resin formulations suitable for use with traditional injection moulding techniques.

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