PVoH Water Soluble Film

PVOH – An environmentally-friendly packaging material.

Water-soluble plastic is manufactured from PVOH, a biodegradable material that is free from halogen elements. Its chemical composition means that when disposed of the film has less impact on the environment than ordinary plastic films. This innovative water-soluble plastic film can also enhance safety by improving the work environment in agriculture, medical services and many other fields. Compostable plastic film is also now available with a starch formulation to provide additional cost performance benefits.

AMC (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of preformed water soluble / compostable bags to suit most applications, please contact us for further information.

Powder formulations in water-soluble films (PVOH) are well known and the applications in this area are many and varied. Applications such as industrial cleaners, cement additives, dyes and the agro chemical wetable – powders (WP) present some of the products applications.  More recent developments have been driven by environmental considerations (HSE) surrounding contamination and disposal issues when using for example: agrochemicals, pesticides, biocides and fungicides.

Superior Water Solvency

PVOH decomposes, disperses and dissolves in a short space of time, which can be measured in seconds; making is possible for the packaged contents to completely diffuse. Outstanding water solvency and decomposition eliminates the need for any special disposal requirements. By carefully selecting the film grade fast dissolution is achieved resulting in a clear water appearance with little or no turbidity.

The water-soluble film breaks down to carbon dioxide and water presenting little impact on the environment.