Bleaching Earth Overview

AMC supplies products that are utilised in the refining of liquid vegetable oils such as rapeseed and soya bean, tropical fats such as palm oil and palm oil fractions, animal fats including lanolin, fish oil and fish oil concentrates (EPA/DHA).  The bleaching earth is produced with high activation, ensuring a large active surfacearea, affording the maximum bleach effect, with an optimised particle size distribution suitable for today’s modern industrial filtration systems.

Produced under ISO9001 the bleaching earth contains no additives or impurities and is produced from a high specification montmorillonite raw clay, having a purity of approximately 95%.  The activated bleaching earth is available in both granular and powder forms. Both “narural” activated and acid activated grades are available.

 For a short video presentation of the oil bleaching process please view the website  video demonstartion.

The fully activated bleaching earth supplied represents the most activated montmorillonite bleaching earth available, with the ability to take on the most demanding of applications in the edible & technical oils, fats and waxes arena.  This involves the utilisation of highly selected clays capable of achieving the optimum bleaching effect available.This translates into fast efficient bleaching achieving a fully refined product exhibiting high colour, trace metal and phosphatide removal, providing a final refined oil/fat with excellent stability with minimum clay dosage.  Acivated bleaching earth is also a number one consideration when chlorophyll removal is a priority.  Accurate control of the particle size distribution ensures trouble-free filtration in today’s modern high throughput industrial filtration units.

Alternative grades of activated bleaching earth are supplied catering for easy to refine oils & fats offering additional cost performance savings were possible.

State of the art analytical equipment, such as X-ray diffraction, porosimetry, laser particle size analysis and microscopy all stand for a commitment to product performance.

In critical areas of quality assurance were an independent accredited analysis is required then the bleaching earth quality is assured by subjecting the bleaching earth to a FEDIOL accredited independent laboratory.  Here no stone is left unturned in ensuring complete analysis, which includes trace metal content, dioxin analysis, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon analysis (PAH) and PCB analysis.

AMC bleaching earth is ISO9001 and REACH compliant.