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AMC (UK) Ltd is the supplier of high performance bleaching earths.The grades cover both activated and natural clay catering for all refinery requirements. Activated bleaching earth is also known as montmorillonite, bentonite, smectite, fuller ’s earth, bleaching clay and activated bleaching earth.Bleaching earth is utilised in the refining of edible vegetable oils and fats worldwide which includes speciality oils and fats such as fish oils and fish oil concentrates for example Omega-3 fish/ EPA & DHA fatty acids and pharmaceuitcal addatives/formulations. Technical applications include petrochemical applications (BTX) waxs, grease and mineral oil recovery.

The petrochemical industry BTX process is supplied with granulated product utilised in clay tower teaters.The product is available in several grades depending on ther application.


Bleaching Earth Overview

AMC supplies products that are utilised in the refining of liquid vegetable oils such as rapeseed and soya bean, tropical fats such as palm oil and palm oil fractions, animal fats including lanolin, fish oil and fish oil concentrates (EPA/DHA).  The bleaching earth is produced with high activation, ensuring a large active surfacearea, affording the maximum bleach effect, with an optimised particle size distribution suitable for today’s modern industrial filtration systems.

Bleaching Earth Supply

AMC bleaching earth is available in 25kg sacks, 650kg - 1.3mt IBC big bags, with valve or bulk supply in powder road tanker.  Supplied in 25kg bags or big bags, the product is stacked on wooden pallets to ISO international standards.  Full loads are shipped by standard truck, with overseas export markets being supplied in 20 or 40 foot full container loads.  Our shipping agent – John Good Shipping – has over 178 years of experience, providing a wide range of liner agency services, representing a number of well-established shipping lines in the UK, serving destinations worldwide.  AMC offers

Bleaching Earth Applications

Bleaching earth is utilised in the refining of edible vegetable oils and fats, speciality oils and fats such as fish oils and fish oil concentrates, typically Omega-3 fish oils EPA &DHA.  In addition, bleaching earths are also utilised in the petro chemical industry, utilised in the BTX process and biodiesel industry.


Activated Carbon

To complement the supply of activated bleaching earth, AMC also supplies cold based activated carbon which may be used when bleaching oils and fats with consideration to the PAH content.  Having a highly developed porous structure and a very high surface area of approximately 1,000 m² per cc, the activated carbon has a desirable pour size distribution, presenting excellent physical properties.  AMC activated carbon has an iodine number of 800mg/g and ash value of maximum 15%, moisture content of a maximum value of 5% and a particle size of 30 to 200 mesh

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