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Bleaching Earth

AMC (UK) Limited supply a wide range of high quality bleaching earths grades (Fullers earth / Bentonite).

Water Soluble Film

AMC (UK) Limited offers a comprehensive range of PVOH Water Soluble Plactic Film and Capsule solutions.

Recently avaiable is the provision of injection moulding PVOH capable of forming complex product shapes with excellent cycle times

AMC (UK) Limited

AMC Bleaching Earth in Large Bags being moved by fork lift

AMC (UK) Ltd are commited to customer support.
We ensure a comprehensive supply chain producing on time deliveries every time.

AMC (UK) Limited are specialists in the supply of bleaching earth (Fullers earth / Bentonite) and a supplier of specialist  water-soluble films and injection moulding water soluble resins.

AMC (UK) Ltd builds its reputation upon the provision of quality products and services and operates within both home and international markets. We work in close partnership with customers seeking to provide innovative solutions to the needs of an ever changing marketplace. 

AMC (UK) Ltd is your route to exceptional service, quality products and technical excellence.

All products are produced under ISO9001. The bleaching earth range of products is additionaly REACH compliant.

This website provides specific information and additional articles to enhance your experience making it as enjoyable as possible. 

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Water-soluble and biodegradable plastic - Injection Moulding products

Funeral Urn example:

Leading directly from the development of compounded injection mouldable water soluble products (PVOH), a commercial opportunity arose involving the production of biodegradable / water soluble funeral urns.

The required urns consisted of 3 parts:  the first part was the main body, the second part the lid, and the third part was a water-soluble bag.  The brief for the production of the funeral urns was that the urn: